• ''Silence Of A Falling Star''

    Moments of pastoral beauty, Satie-like piano and glacial songs anchored in melodic permafrost - Uncut

    Following on from their sophomore LP, ‘Solace In Sore Hands’ and coinciding with their third European Tour, Amandine release two exclusive tracks that narrowly missed inclusion on the second album.

    This digital only release is to be accompanied by a clutch of European dates in March.

    Continuing with the characteristic bitter-sweet melodies and poignant lyrics on ‘Solace…’ both tracks lean towards minimalist, swedish folk music with an added delicate swagger and an almost child-like lullaby that can be heard especially throughout ‘Let The Morning Ignite’. ‘Silence…’ builds and sways drunkenly into a warm crescendo that highlights the bands skill at crafting country-inspired songs, that whilst maintaining a gentle sensitivity, never lose their subtle strength of melody.

    Amandine’s story starts in a small northern swedish town called Sandviken. A town known mostly for its iron works, it is also the birthplace of Olof Gidlöf and John Andersson, who formed the band in 2001. Together they crafted country-inspired songs inbetween commitments to other music projects. Studies then relocated Olof and John further north to Umeå, known for its vibrant music scene, where Andreas Berqvist and Andreas Hedström were added to the line up, as Amandine went from a being a side project to the main point of focus for its members.

    In 2004 the band moved to Malmö and signed to FatCat, who reseased their debut album 'This Is Where Our Hearts Collide' the following year.

    2006 saw the addition of violinist Kristina Lundin, as well as the release of the 'Waiting For The Light To Find Us' EP, and tours in Europe and the U.S.

    Από το site της FatCat

    Υ.Γ Πως δεν το πήρα χαμπάρι τόσο καιρό δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω.

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