• cut me

    ''The group’s vocalist David Cook is sure to generate some comparison to eighties acts as well, as his voice has a similar pitch and at times is overtaken by the instrumentals. He almost reminds me of Ian Curtis from Joy Division, although his voice is a little higher in pitch. Cook’s voice also has that kind of creepy, echo-y ambiance to it that listeners are sure to appreciate. The overall lyrical structure of the song is a little simplistic, as the chorus line is basically repeated for the majority of the track, but it will stick with those who listen to it and that is sure to help the band out.

    Cut Me isn’t a groundbreaking song by any means but it has some great hooks to it and has the same sense of dark grooves that many of the eighties post punk/gothic rock bands had. This should be enough to generate some interest in the group’s upcoming album, and if they can continue to write these types of tracks they could become a major name. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but for now this single has definitely served its purpose as it is sure to get listeners talking''.

    Άκουσε εδώ το νέο μιξάρισμα στο cut me και θα καταλάβεις, περιμένω πολλά από δαύτους.

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