• delay trees

    Combining the hypnotic soundscapes of dream pop with lush melodies, Delay Trees have proven to be one of the most interesting new bands to come out of the Nordic Indie-scene.

    Delay Trees hail from the towns of Helsinki and Hämeenlinna, southern Finland.

    In his early twenties, Rami started to write songs about the growing pressures of adulthood, unemployment, ending friendships and the long Finnish winters. After sharing a mutual musical history with Sami and Lauri it felt natural to start playing the new songs together. For a while they searched for a drummer who would fit in with their new material. After a few try-outs, Onni, the brother of a mutual friend, stood out and fitted in perfectly. At the start of 2007 the boys started rehearsing continuously under the name Delay Trees and played their first gigs at the end of the year. In 2008 they started to record a full-length album in Hämeenlinna which would later be cut down to 'Soft Construction EP'.

    With their first release 'Soft Construction EP' (March 2009), the band has gained admiring reviews and features on multiple music-blogs around the world. While slowly gaining an underground following, Delay Trees seem ready to step into the next level to reach a wider audience. If, however, the past sets the stage for the future, Delay Trees' next record will be yet again financed with student loans and distributed straight from their backpacks - The ultimate way of a true Indie band.

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