• a story about love and fear

    Coorecords announces the first EP release by Greek Thereminist May Roosevelt, entitled “Panda, a story about love and fear”. Embarking from the ethereal tradition of Clara Rockmore, the composer and performer May Roosevelt guides the listener through 8 songs dealing with the mysterium tremendum. “Panda, a story about love and fear” is a concept album that narrates a story of a girl that is afraid of almost everything. Will she be able to overcome her weaknesses and embrace the assuring love of a panda or will her fears rule out any chance of happiness?

    This modern fairytale unravels through a musical dialect comprising unique vocals, English lyrics and a complex of electronic soundscapes. The eight original compositions stem from the esoteric quest for a dreamworld and define its obscure innocence. The production infiltrates the contemporary r’n’b and pop esthetics with sonic nuances of industrial electronica, screamo while leaving enough aural space for the omnipresent and otherworldly cry of the Theremin. May Roosevelt delivers an album where she maps out a path for refining not only the genre of electronica, and the ethereal frequencies but also the possibilities offered by a home studio recording, in complete absence of physical instruments.


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    1. Καταπληκτικό εξώφυλλο και τίτλος. Τη μουσική δεν την έχω ακούσει ακόμα.

    2. Από τα δείγματα στο myspace μπορείς να πάρεις μια ιδέα. Όταν φτάσει και το σι ντι με το καλό θα βγάλουμε και τα τελικά συμπεράσματα.