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    ''semi-illiterate songs about sex and sickness and the decline of (stupid fucking) western civilization. these are sometimes sung entirely alone with only a guitar, but mostly these days they are accompanied by varying groups of instruments and singers known as the horse museum.''

    ''our album divorce lawyers i shaved my head is now available! three years in the making (writing & singing & stomping & pressing record over & over), the album is an epic full band recording of fourteen songs that tell the story of a failed marriage between two people of confused identities and genders, complete with suicidal horses, shotguns, carnival horns, a henry darger-inspired glandolinian war, unexpected male birth, semen, haircuts, sickness, and the end of the world in 1990.''

     Είναι τρελοί, είναι τρελοί, αυτοί οι Καναδοί. Jordaan Mason And The Horse Museum : Τρομπόνι, άρπα, πριόνι, μπάντζο, ακορντεόν, φλάουτο, τσέλο, κρουστά, τόσα πολλά ''ευγενικά'' όργανα για να τραγουδήσεις στίχους του τύπου :

    you fuck like a racehorse!
    it's your wedding day, say: yes
    you want to be pollinated
    frays of friction far too sacred
    we survive between our hunger
    dig our heads into the water
    memorize your casket, your mother patterns
    the space between your legs, i grab what's good of you
    you pluck fruit from my endless head
    re-arrange them to make your salt sweat
    bite snakes down for better shelter
    fridge your orgasm, make it colder
    we put our blood in bags, we don't want water
    and you hold me close inside the slaughter
    and you look so much better without that shit in your hair
    i mean, saddles if you need them, but i could ride you bare
    and you can swallow shotguns if you want to
    there are bullets in your paintings, if you want them
    there are hooks to hang your kill
    there are floodboards rising upward
    fields our fathers fled from, and bedrooms we don't dare go to
    i would like a word with you!
    you can swallow shotguns if you want to
    and you can shed the lions from your songs
    take the blankets off, show me under your clothes:
    the tattoos you don't have, but believe me, your body knows
    you can swallow shotguns if you want to
    it's your wedding day, say: yes
    aprons or rifles, anarchist?
    sleep in the slaughterhouses?
    quilts quiet made from our spit?
    i am letting all you horses go

    Πραγματικό αριστούργημα το Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head. Μιλάμε ότι ο Jordaan Mason μπορεί να χαρακτηριστεί άνετα ως ο νέος Jeff Mangum (αν και στιχουργικά θα μπορούσε να συγκριθεί με τον τεράστιο Aidan John Moffat). Διάβασε εδώ όλους τους στίχους, απολαυστικότατοι.

    JORDAAN MASON AND THE HORSE MUSEUM - Pharmacy from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.

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