• Good Morning Maggie


    Title: Good Morning Magpie
    Label: Vagrant Records
    Year: 2010
    Rating: 4 / 5
    Well friends, raise your glasses for a toast to one of this year’s best albums so far. Farm fresh and genuinely superb, Good Morning Magpie is the latest offering from the eccentric folk-Indie group, Murder By Death. The theme seems to be that of light and dark as the recorded slices and dices between the two all throughout the record in succession. Being a fan of anything dark in music, the dark aspect of this record blew me away. Mostly written spent alone in the dark deep woods with bare essentials, songwriter/singer/guitarist Adam Turla has absolutely captured the beauty of songwriting and the essence of the band’s background all while embodying the struggle between light and dark. The band lays out a beautiful fabric of different musical pieces that are simply inspirational, heartfelt, intense, haunting, inclined and classic. The music sort of reminds me of a nomad in the back country, searching for his long-lost love in the midst of a country western war. Turla, obviously the main focus of this group has done a fantastic job of making the songs come alive in such a vivid picture that you actually feel like your sitting with him in the woods at certain moments on the record. Turla’s vocal performance is also this records heartbeat. His Johnny Cash-esque vocals are priceless in this day in age and with the production value of the record in high quality, his words and vocals shine and inspire. The band also holds down the fort pretty well with the strings in high passion, the drums in marching mode and the bass on tight low rumble. There are so many things going on with the sound that it sounds certainly well-thought and concentrated. It certainly seems like Murder By Death is the only band of its kind since most bands are shooting for that electro indie splash mix. Murder By Death is completely opposite. Focusing mainly on the Americana and Folk stylings, Murder By Death is somewhat something special in today’s trendy music scene. “Kentucky Bourbon,” “As Long As There’s Whisky In The World,” “On The Dark Streets Below,” “Piece by Piece,” “Yes,” “Foxglove,” and “The Day” are the tracks that you need to focus on to feel the overall vibe of this band. Good Morning Magpe is absolutely fantastic and deserves all the praise and credit it will receive. It’s one of those albums that’s not only thought provoking but also defies the current trends to much success. It’s absolutely beautiful really. Pour the whiskey drinks, press play, loop it, hang with your friends and let the good times roll. The struggle between light and dark are about to clash.

    By: Gian Erguiza

    Το πρώτο τραγούδι (βλέπε Foxglove) μπορείς να το ακούσεις εδώ

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