• iLiKETRAiNS in the studio

    It’s been 2 years, 2 months since we released our debut album Elegies To Lessons Learnt . It seems an age ago, feels like we have been riding a roller-coaster in slow motion, with the highs and lows stretching out over the last couple of years.
    Since 2007 we have toured Elegies, and released singles ‘The Deception’ and ‘We Go Hunting’; we parted company with our record label, Beggars Banquet (when they decided to stop releasing new material). We also parted company with our cornet player/ visual artist Ashley Dean and our manager Dominic. We released the instrumental Christmas Tree Ship EP. We also managed to get our music onto an Oscar nominated film (albeit it a TV trailer for said film) and the cinema trailer for Amelia and fulfilled a dream of ours by getting a song on CSI: Miami. We headlined a Goth festival in Germany off the back of touring with The Sisters of Mercy and tasted life in a sleeper bus for the weekend of Dour and Latitude Festivals.
    We wanted the new record to be different. We started out by deliberately not writing in swing time, not using so much reverb and delay on our guitars, and not having such rigid historical themes connected to the songs. We toured the songs, took them back into the rehearsal studio again, tore them apart and toured them again. So it’s taken about 15 months to get to the stage where we were ready to go into the studio and record the follow up.
    So we headed out to a friend’s house in the North Yorkshire countryside with our mobile studio and  our friendly engineer Dan for two weeks, miles from anywhere and with no neighbours, to get the loud bits of the album done. We leave a laptop open for people to record their thoughts.

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