• Matteus – Ugly Doll’s Stories

    Matteus’ project “Ugly Doll’s Stories” is an ode to non-communication between human beings and the way people are taken advantage by others. Imagine yourself entering a toy shop shop and every doll has its own story to tell about how it got there or how it ended up there. The buying of a doll and the few minutes in the shop are transformed into a long journey with voices and stories ending up into a narration from each doll’s point of view dealing with matters such as love, emotional breakdowns, separation, solitude and happiness.  A small diamond recorded between Greece and Iceland.

    “Maybe for all these reasons it took me so long to finish this record… The need to fully understand these stories and the roles that those characters were playing inside my head. This need pushed me to search for solutions and possibilities all the way to Iceland. Stuck in a church Northwest of Iceland for quite some time, actually helped to capture all these voices that I was hearing. This record is the Morse signal that I tried to fully decode.”

    Ugly Doll’s Stories was finished a few months ago and was recorded between Athens and Hvammstangi, Iceland.

    “My mission is to make the listener think. I know that i don’t make music that someone can listen to a club or on the radio. For me, everything lies between travelling and discovering; travelling into the darkest places of your mind or places you have never been before. Maybe because you were afraid until now, or maybe you never knew that those places existed, either out there, either into your own, very personal microcosm. For me , this is the zero point that my throat starts to vibrate…"
    The sound of this work is based on electronics while pianos, harpsichord, marimba and the theremin create a dark, retro, ambient atmosphere.
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