• minsurar

    MINSURAR (that means "crocus" a tiny snowflower ) is the project of Sophie Patricia Thibaud a singer born in Saint-Nazaire in France. Since 1999 Sophie fascinated by the Mystery of Bulgarian Voices decided to go in Bulgaria and learn Traditional bulgarian way of singing. And from 1999 to 2005, she worked her voice with 3 teachers such as Yanka Rupkina, Valya Balkanska and Svetla Karadjova... In 2004 she also worked her voice, during one month with Mérédith Monk during her exclusive french workshop. Sophie made a cover of "Gotham Lullaby" a Meredith beautiful song that she sings in concerts, and that appeared on in a short version on her first album " REHEARSAL TAPES" out in the debut of June, on Ohayo records Lille. In 2005 Sophie decided to make her own personal project , that she called MINSURAR like a bulgarian lash, to develop her own songwriting************* 

    Υ.Γ Όποιος μου βρει το rehearsal tapes ή έστω σκόρπια εμ πι θρι του κερνάω γκαζόζα!