• pre-order the new absent without leave album

    I am now taking pre-orders for my new album.The album will be released on my own label sound in silence (www.myspace.com/soundinsilencerecords) so I have to save up some money for the production of it.If I get enough pre-orders I hope to release it sometime in September-October, at least.
    Every pre-order will be much appreciated as it will help a lot.

    This album will feature guest appearances from some good friends and really great artists too, including members of giardini di miro, port-royal, stafraenn hakon, eksi ekso and others too.

    It will be packaged in recycled cardboard with the front cover image printed on photo paper and each copy will be unique with a different front cover image.
    It will be released in a limited edition of 500 handmade copies that in future will be for sure rare collectible items.

    The album costs 12€, including worldwide shipping!
    At the current time, I can only accept payment via paypal. You can pre-order now paying with paypal directly to: geezertek@yahoo.gr

    <a href="http://absentwithoutleave.bandcamp.com/album/postcards-from-nowhere">before the first rain by absent without leave</a>

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